About Us

Quantum Solar Construction,  QSC is a company founded on hundreds of years of construction experience. But for most households, the bottom line is quality, savings and cost.  Our network of professionals create the best price on the market.

We have dozens of installers based in their respective communities making up our team of licensed, bonded, certified and trained professionals.  They encompass untold years of experience and are your community’s most trusted contractors.   The partnership with our contractors allows project planning, permitting, site evaluation and plan preparation support.

QSC  was formed to give consumers a choice between paying big companies premium pricing for your solar systems or keeping it local.  QSC, “Best price, Superior Quality” mission statement demands highest standards of installation, top quality materials and the best price on the market.

If you or someone you know is making a decision about Solar, or if you are a contractor looking to assist your client; please, allow QSC to help form an alliance and install the best price and superior quality solar system.

We are actively looking to add installers in many areas of California.

Please contact us at:


(805) 881-2501


Check out our newest services – 8 Panel turn Key system producing up to 480kwh per month.

Let us look at your electric bill and save you money without overpaying for your system..

It’s very possible you could take your electric service bill down to tier 1 service only.

Why Pay More For Your Solar System?

  • Our panels have the highest ratings
  • Exceeding industry standards in installations
  • Guarantee from start to finish
  • Full cleanup after installations.

Your savings is a priority for us at QSC. Our goal is to significantly lower your monthly energy cost. Public electric utility costs plus the cost of financing your solar system less any Federal tax credit, should be lower than a one year average monthly electric utility bill during the finance period with continued savings going on for the life of your system. Now with QSC solar makes good common sense.

EPA Lead-Safe Certified—Certification # R-I-73358-01486


QSC, your  SuperSolarMan.com


Expert Installations


A professional sales and service agent will visit you at your home and take the necessary information for your custom solution to fit your budget.  You will receive email updates on your installation, permitting, and completion times.  In most cases our fast-track installation process will be creating solar energy for you within days.

Professional public service interface


We obtain all permits and approvals from your local utility company and building departments.  (805)881-2501 (619)987-6420 Call us today!